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Dunlop Platinum Supplier

FretCo are now proud to announce we are a Platinum Supplier for Dunlop products. Scottish immigrant Jim Dunlop founded the Jim Dunlop Company in 1965 as a part-time business while working as a processing and chemical engineer, first creating the Vibra-Tuner, a small device that attached to a guitar with a suction cup and would …

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Quality Instruments, Parts & Accessories

Brian West is an exciting luthier with 30 years experience custom building guitars and basses. He has built up an extensive knowledge of tools, woods, adhesives, parts and techniques. This means when you buy from Fretco you know they have the reliability and value an experienced craftsman will expect. Fretco select the best quality and …

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Acoutsic Guitar Pickups

L R BAGGS L R BAGGS are specialists in acoustic guitar amplification. Element Active System ELEMENT ACTIVE SYSTEM With volume control. Requires no routing – preamp is part of the end pin assembly. Battery Life 1000 hours +. Backup battery bag can be fixed on guitar Can be wired up with a mini-mic also. Volume …

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Woodworking Glue

Fretco now stocks a fantastic range of Titebond, specialist glues and adhesives for any application in guitar maintenance and repair. Most are not something you can waltz down to the hardware store for, so they are definately worth looking over! Titebond Original – $15 for 473ml Very fast setting aliphatic resin adhesive for general purpose soft …

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Natural Finish

Thought you needed a booth to get a great spray finish on your guitar? Fretco have a suggestion for you……. Mirotone Spraylac  Produce your own professional looking finish at home using this convenient aerosol product from leading finish manufacturers Mirotone. Build up coats of semi gloss or matt finishes without the need for a full …

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Gotoh 2 Way Truss Rod

“2 Way” means it can be adjusted in either direction to provide either relief orback-bow to the neck, as opposed to a one way truss rod that will only apply back-bow. Total length: 405mm $20