Dunlop Platinum Supplier


FretCo are now proud to announce we are a Platinum Supplier for Dunlop products.

Scottish immigrant Jim Dunlop founded the Jim Dunlop Company in 1965 as a part-time business while working as a processing and chemical engineer, first creating the Vibra-Tuner, a small device that attached to a guitar with a suction cup and would display whether the guitar was in tune with the vibration of a small reed in the tuner.

Using his engineering background, Dunlop created the toggle capo, and then worked with a local machine shop to build his first capo dies, eventually manufacturing what is now called the 1100 series capo.

Dunlop products now range from the capos and picks to slides, fret wire, strap retainers, and a variety of electronic effects, including the original Crybaby wah-wah pedal, the Univibe, Heil Talkbox, and the MXR and Way Huge lines of stompboxes.




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