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Electrical Repairs

Electrical Repairs

Up to 20% discount on installation prices when purchasing pickups from us

Install Pick-ups Stratocaster x 1 Pick-up

Stratocaster x 3 Pick-ups

Telecaster Bridge Pick-up only

Telecaster Both Pick-ups

Les Paul x 1 Pick-up

Les Paul x 2 Pick-ups







Install Active Pick-ups Strat & Les Paul from $140
Semi-Acoustic Pick-up Installs Hourly rate from $125
Acoustic Under Saddle (a) Without Side Mount Preamp

(b) With Side Mount Preamp



Install Pickup/Preamp Assy. (a) Under saddle piezo style – or bridge plate pickup includes routing + install of sidemount preamp from: $180
Replace Input Jack from: $35
Install Switches, Pots etc. (a) Solid body
(b) Semi-acoustic
from: $60 (or add $30 to set-up plus parts)
from: $75