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General Repairs


Fretco Setups

No guitar or player is the same as another, so providing a well set up guitar requires individual attention.
When you book your guitar in, we talk to you to discover your playing needs.

With every Fretco Setup

  • Clean, adjust, lubricate and tighten all moving parts
  • Clean the guitar and fretboard
  • Polish the frets
  • Check and clean the electronics
  • Work on the nut, bridge and truss rod
  • Restring and stretch out the strings
  • Adjust the action
  • Fine tune the intonation

If we locate any problems, we call you to discuss solutions.

We spend up to two hours on every instrument! Before going back to you, every guitar is checked for playability.
Of course, not all guitars are made equal, but we do everything it takes to bring out an instruments’ best.

If when you take your instrument home it does not suit your playing style, please contact us immediately and arrange to have it re-checked.

Minimum Charge (not including parts price): $30

General Repairs

General Setup
(Clean, adjust neck, action intonation & check electrics)
Labour Charges – not including parts and materials:
(a) Nylon string Classical
(b) Steel string Acoustic
(c) Acoustic / Electric 12 String
(d) Electric Fixed Bridge, Bass (4 string)
(e) Electric – non locking tremolo
(f) Electric – Locking Tremolo
(g) 7 or 8 String with Tremolo
(h) Resonator – Spider Bridge
(i) Resonator – Biscuit Bridge
(j) Mandolin
(k) Banjo
(l) Banjo/banjo Mandolin – Fit Velum
New Nut
New Nut
(bone, graphite, composite)
(a) 6 String & Bass
(b) 12 String
(c) Brass for Bass & Guitar
New Saddle
(a) Straight
(b) Compensated
Fret Job
(Level, recrown & polish)
Add $120 to general set up
Partial Refret
(Replace only the worn frets, Level, re-crown & polish)
1 x Fret $125 plus general set up add $15.00 for each additional fret.
(Add to general set up price)
(a) Rosewood, Ebony : Unbound
(b) Rosewood, Ebony : Bound
(c) Maple, Including re-finish
(d) Vintage Gibson (Retain Binding)
Fretless Fingerboard Dress
(Level & epoxy)
Add $185 to general set up
Fretted to Fretless Conversion
(Fill slots with contrast or matching inlay
& epoxy. NB (Includes set up.)
Add $325 to general set up, $375 for a bound neck
Fit Machine Heads from: $60
Custom Scratch Plates (a) Electric
(b) Acoustic
Re-fit Bridge
(Acoustic / Classical)
(a) No pickup
(b) With pickup
Broken Neck/Headstock (a) Re-glue only
(b) Including refinishing
from: $190
from: $350
Install Floyd Rose Tremolo
(guitar with existing tremolo cavity)
add $60 for under route
Right to Left Hand Conversion
(Acoustic: Fill & re-route saddle slot, new nut, saddle & set up)
(a) No pickup
(b) With pickup
$275 added to general setup
Reshape and Refinish Neck (a) Bolt On
(b) Set neck
Reset Neck
from: $425
Glue Internal Bracing P.O.A